5 reasons why Product Designing is a super hot career

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2 min readMay 31, 2021


Source: https://userguiding.com/blog/product-design-tools/

1. Are you all about jugaad, life hacks and tinkering with different things

We’ve found the right place for you!

Product designers are at their core, problem solvers. Unfortunately neither problems are not going out of fashion nor things that can be improved. With the current pandemic and global problems, the field of design is needed more than ever. If you thrive on out-of-the-box thinking and love problem solving, this is the playground for you.

2. Curious minds are rewarded!

As a product designer, you are not required to know everything, but to continue your journey of wonder and curiosity.

You will get to dive into human minds, to uncover secrets on how to build more intuitive products. What is the bigger picture? How are these different pieces of puzzles working together to make the whole work? How do we join the dots? Voila! Something very useful or delightful will come out of this inquisitive journey! And you get to be the wide eyed child always!

3. Being a Jack of all Trades is a good thing in this field

Gone are the days when we needed to master one thing. Innovative solutions require diverse skill sets. When we bring skills from Design, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Humanities together, wonders happen!

This also helps you understand the bigger picture and make relevant connections. Build the dynamic skills necessary for the 21st Century job market!

4. It pays well to be a Product Designer

Did you know that on an average, a product designer makes a whopping ₹7,00,000/ year in India, and $ 97,000/ year globally!? (Source: LinkedIn)

That’s because Product design is everywhere. From building toys for children to building better banking services; From building amazing animated content to interactive ecommerce websites; From curating travel experiences for elderly using VR to converting kitchen waste into usable materials.

It’s necessary to create smarter products (both digital and physical) and convenient & delightful services. India is waking up to the realization that this field that needs multidisciplinary skills should find its way into mainstream education.

From cool startups to established corporate giants, everyone is looking for Product Designers!

5. Get rid of the monotonous 9 to 5 life!

You could be working in a 9 to 5 setup but still have the adventure and thrill of the entrepreneurial world. Product designing requires fresh ideas, constant connection with diverse markets, changing needs of people and evolving trends. It never gets boring or mundane!

Think this is the perfect field for you? Now is your chance to learn Product Designing!




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